A Call for Submissions to “Footing the Bill: Art and our Ecological Footprint”

"Footing the Bill: Art and our Ecological Footprint" is an invitational and crowd-sourced exhibition of artwork addressing the urgent need to live sustainably within the Earth's finite resources.  Can we all live well and within the means of one Earth?  Or are we destined to continue overshooting our planet’s capacity to support human life and biodiversity?   

Art Works For Change, along with Earth Day Network and Global Footprint Network, invite you to join the conversation on ecological overshoot. Submit a digital image of your original artwork (all visual mediums are welcome) for an opportunity to be featured in our online exhibition, which will open on Earth Overshoot Day 2015  in August. Help us amplify the call to action through the unique voice of contemporary art.

© Daniel Beltrá, courtesy of Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago

Submit your art here and record your Act of Green below:


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