Defend the Amazon

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Can you imagine a world without the Amazon Rainforest? It is the single largest tropical rainforest in the world with ten percent of the planet's known flora and fauna. Described as the "lungs of the planet" about twenty percent of the Earth's oxygen is produced here. The Amazon also functions as a huge carbon sink storing massive amounts of C02--which if permitted to be released into the atmosphere would be catastrophic. Life on planet Earth would not be the same as we now know it.

It is unthinkable that Brazil would seek to remove laws protecting the Amazon and open it up to clear cutting. The good news is that seventy nine percent of Brazilians oppose these laws and that President Dilma Rousseff is open to vetoing this legislation. We must stand with our fellow Brazilians and send a global message to defend the Amazon!

Sign our petition below to the Rousseff government letting them know that the Amazon must be protected and not deforested.

To President Rousseff:

We call on you to take action and save the Amazon by vetoing the changes to the forest law. Brazil's forests cannot be allowed to be opened up to clear cutting. We ask that you instruct law enforcement agencies to protect environmental activists and stop illegal logging. The Amazon is not only important to Brazil it is important to the entire planet. We call on you to defend the 'lungs of the earth."
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