Rapid Response: Don't Let Congress Cut the Lights on Energy Efficiency

WE WON! After thousands of letters and phone calls to Congress, the BULB Act was voted down: 233 to 193.

Your voice has power. Dozens of lawmakers that you contacted, from both sides of the aisle, changed their votes and pulled their support for HR 2417. Even co-sponsors of the bill changed direction and voted to move our country forward in the quest to save energy and promote innovation.

We won a crucial victory, but the fight is far from over. In the United States, our planet faces an extremely hostile political environment. The Environmental Protection Agency is next on the chopping block, facing attacks on its funding and regulatory powers.

We won this campaign together, please consider giving a tax deductible donation so we can win the next one! A $5 or $10 contribution goes a long way in covering the costs associated with coordinated legislative campaigns.

Congratulations and thank you for taking action!

Congress is threatening to roll back a key energy efficiency victory our movement won in 2007. The "BULB Act" (H.R. 2417) attacks standards that would require new light bulbs to achieve higher efficiency levels - and it may reach a VOTE as early as Monday. 

The BULB Act will COST American households $100 to $200 every year in missed energy savings. The bill's sponsors claim that the lighting efficiency standard is an outright ban on incandescent bulbs. On the contrary, advanced incandescents meet efficiency standards and they have created 2,000 new American jobs. 

H.R. 2417 is simply a lose-lose-lose proposition for America. It will COST us money, kill green jobs, and pollute our air. Please, use your influence to stop the attacks on this fundamental energy efficiency mandate. Write your Senators and Representative, speak out against the BULB Act and any other legislation that strikes down light bulb efficiency standards.

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