Act Now for Comprehensive Green Jobs Legislation

The Senate has allowed a comprehensive clean energy jobs bill to stall – the legislation would have provided hundreds of thousands of jobs in the clean energy sector. We can’t let it happen again. Now we have to stand up and demand green jobs, and we have to come together. 

We can’t just stimulate the economy, we need to rebuild it using clean energy. Check out what the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Earth Day Network President Kathleen Rogers say about rebuilding the American economy and green jobs on

If Congress doesn’t act quickly on green jobs, other countries will beat us to the task. Just this year China surpassed the U.S. in investment in renewable energy.

Tell Congress that you want comprehensive green jobs legislation to help put Americans back to work and solve the climate crisis.

Please help support Earth Day Network to build the new green economy.

Dear Congress,

This year we have seen a clean energy jobs bill stall in the Senate and this is unacceptable. Furthermore, you have not taken action on several other job-creating solutions in energy efficiency such as HOMESTAR. While you delay, China, Europe, and India are started to surpass the U.S. in investments in clean energy and you are not creating the right kinds of jobs that Americans need most.

As voters, we urge you to pass HOMESTAR, a comprehensive climate and clean energy plan and other solutions that create clean energy jobs that can’t be shipped overseas, and foster a stable economic recovery.
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