The Climate Declaration

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Today, the planet faces enormous challenges posed by climate change and an addiction to fossil fuels. To address these threats, we must fundamentally change the way we innovate, produce and consume. This simply will not happen until Congress passes a comprehensive climate and clean energy bill to rebuild our economy, our secure energy independence, and address the climate crisis. 

Washington won't enact comprehensive climate legislation until we join together and demand action.  Help us motivate Congress.  Sign our petition - Show Congress that America is serious about clean energy and a sustainable future.

Dear Representative,

We demand that you support fair, ambitious, and comprehensive climate legislation. America can no longer afford to reward polluters while jeopardizing millions of green jobs, our energy independence, and a solution to the climate crisis.

Congress must stop the delays and step up for the American people. Please, support a strong climate bill and help us power a brighter future for all.
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