Team USA Petition

During the Olympic Games, Earth Day Network asks members of Team USA to sign a petition demanding that U.S. Congress pass ambitious and comprehensive climate legislation in 2010.

The undersigned members of Team USA, in partnership with Earth Day Network and in anticipation of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, call on President Barack Obama and members of Congress to reopen discussions of the serious threat that climate change poses to our planet and to our future generations. The threats that our planet face have never been so great and we demand that Congress pass comprehensive climate change legislation in 2010.

As Olympic athletes, we are presented with the unique opportunity to represent our nation for two weeks in February. Our elected officials are presented with this opportunity on a daily basis. When it comes to issues like solving climate change and creating a green economy, much of the world looks to the United States for leadership. As athletes, we are driving our country’s reputation on the field of play. We want our government to drive our position in the race against unabated climate change. The time is now for action.

In signing this petition, we are committing to becoming Athletes for the Earth™ who are committed to not only doing our part to fight climate change, but also to becoming vocal advocates for the planet. We are making it clear that our elected leaders need to stand up to the growing threat of climate change.

In recognition of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Congress must pass substantive climate change legislation in 2010.


The Undersigned.
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